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From a sad AU picture story I made a while back where Reese loses Finch.  I’m just in this sort of mood today.

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Congratulations to BLUETATTOOLOVE!! Winner of the POI, S3, Blu-Ray/DVD set.

Thank you to all of you that participated, you guys are AWESOME!!

This is so incredibly awesome I just can’t stand it!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH eyesofwitt for having this giveaway! I was going to have to wait for the DVDs to go on sale before I could get them so this is a real treat!!!

Person of Interest fans are the best in the world!!! I love all my fellow irrelevants!!!

Thank you again!!!!!!!!

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What I wake up to every morning (I wish!).

What I wake up to every morning (I wish!).

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Fixed it!


Original promo photos for season 4 episode 2 found here at SpoilerTV.

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Fixed it!  :)

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A contestant on Bravo’s hair stylist competition show, Shear Genius, looks a little familiar. Remind you of anyone?

(his name is Jim Crawford, stylist to the stars)

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Look how different the expression is on Reese’s face from the 2nd to the 3rd gif……………..all due to a frown and his mouth

2nd gif…….cynical……….full of doubt, just being polite and listening..

3rd gif……..accepting….. actually listening, making sense, 

What a difference without speaking any words himself….

And 4th gif…. Finch looks down, John looks up and thinks, “It’s so fluffy!”

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