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Do you ever just think about how Benjamin Linus must have “remembered” in the sideways world? Because it was never shown…but obviously it happened somehow.
And how for him it would NOT have been happy like it was for everyone else?
Because obviously, since he WAS sitting outaide the church and…

But we did see him remember in 6x16, What They Died For.  When sideways Ben spotted Desmond sitting in his car again after his attack on Locke.  Ben confronted him bravely and tried to make a citizens arrest prompting Desmond to give him an all too familiar beating.  During the beating, he “remembered” other similar beatings on the island.  And later as we see him sitting in the nurse’s office looking at himself in the mirror, his face and expressions, his whole body language has changed because he “remembers” who he was.

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Brett Cullen to guest star on Criminal Minds finale

For Nathan Ingram fans…

When to Watch: Wednesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 14 at 9 p.m.
What to Expect: It’s a two-parter, baby! The BAU is called to Texas to consult on murders of prostitutes, things aren’t exactly as they seem when evidence points to religious overtones and something far more sinister. Look for life-threatening dangers and secrets from the past. Esai Morales returns as BAU Section Chief Mateo Cruz , while Michael Trucco and Brett Cullen also guest star.

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EggHarold, EggReese, EggShaw, EggFusco and EggRoot wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

(bored and in bed sick all day leads to this type of insanity)

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Are you scared about this promo? Terrifying, isn't it? Is there a single optimistic thing about it?
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Well, Reese and Finch are together a LOT in the Promo.

 So, no matter what…My BABIES are safe and together!!!!

They seem to be stuck in a quagmire of moral dilemmas. There will be some major emotional fall out for the boys. Which of course means hurt/comfort like a BOSS.

The “missing scene” and “coda” fanfic is just waiting in the wings

And Reese is wearing a tie… maybe Harold tied it for him.  :)

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The Most Person of Interesting Man in the World.

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A drowsy, drugged Finch from Bad Code.

A bit of Emercrotch, too.  :)